jeudi 14 juin 2012

Get a Sunbath this summer in Naval Air Station Key West !


MileHighSims is proud to introduce you their last scenery : Naval Air Station Key West !
Located in Florida, in the famous Keys, The Boca Chica Field aka Naval Air Station Key west, is located on Boca Chica Key, four miles (6 km) east of the central district of Key west.
The Airfields belongs to the Fighter Composite Squadron 111 (VFC-111) using the F-5N Tiger, as an agressor fighter for Dogfight Training as the Strike Fighter Squadron 106 (VFA 106)
Using F/A 18 Super Hornets. The NAS Key West is for the first time depicted under FSX.

Scenery Specifications :

* Handplaced an buildingsAutogen to match reality
* Photorealistics Buildings, accurate as reality
* Night Textures
* Numerous Static Aircraft such as Super Hornets, Navy Tigers, C2A Greyhound, Gulfstream G-159, SH-60 SeaHawk and HH-60 Jayhawk and much more
* Accurate Aprons and Taxiways
* Many Goodies and eye candies such as Marshalls, US Navy Personel and other objects to make the scenery more immersive
* Scenery developped to be "FPS Friendly"

Feel Free to have a taste of the Most Tropical Us Navy Field in the world, and live the tropical way of the Naval Operations !!

The scenery is available here :

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