lundi 30 avril 2012

Felix is pleased to announce : KNKX / NAS Miramar "TOP GUN" !!

Hi y'all ! MH Sims is very pleased to announce their first release : KNKX / NAS Miramar !!
This is the first time that this scenery is released under FSX and Lockheed Martin Prepar3d.
It depicts the best know military airfield in the world in it's glorious times : The Naval Air Station Miramar (Mitscher Field) also known as TOP GUN !!
The scenery represent the NAS in the late 80's, when the movie was shot ;
Our goal was to provide the best scenery in the levels of "historic accuracy" and "feeling".
So prepare yourself to fly into Maverick's or Iceman's Flightsuit !!

Scenery Specs :

* Numerous Static Aircrafts as F- 14Tomcats, E2-B Hawkeyes,A-4 SkyHawks, CH-46 SeaKnights, Crusaders and others in their original livreries and squadrons as they were in the late 80's !!
* Numerous Goodies on the scenery that'll remind you the movie (like TOP Gun Classroom in Hangars 1,  and above all, Maverick Himself  ! Just find him on the field !)
* A good platform to train yourself for the Naval OPS (FLOLS Systems is modeled)
* Photorealistically and graphically designed buildings to leave you and unforgettable feeling.
* FPS Friendly Scenery
* Aprons and Taxiways designed to match reality (The scenery field is as it was in the 80' s !)
* A definitely 80's Feeling in this scenery
* The One and Only TOP GUN scenery ever designed for FSX and Prepar3d !
* Ground textures made from graphics and aerial pictures of the field to match reality and blend perfectly with FSX default textures !

You can Buy our TOP GUN scenery on Simmarket here :

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  1. The KNKX field is on a plateau within P3Dv3.4.22.19868. I have no 3rd party mesh installed. What file within KNKX do I need to turn off or amend to correct this?